Telehealth Services

July 10, 2020,

Wee Care Pediatrics is offering telehealth services for patients who have acute illness issues via virtual chat. We highly recommend patients who may have a fever and rash to be seen by telehealth visit so our providers can asses and triage the rash and illness before coming in. By carefully screening our patients, we can reduce the likelihood of bringing in a COVID positive patient. During these unfamiliar times, it will take everyone’s help to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Thank you all for understanding!

Hello Everyone, 

We are happy to announce Wee Care Pediatrics Telehealth is now open! This new feature will allow you to schedule a face to face visit with one of our Providers, without leaving the comfort of your home.  

We can schedule you for your visit Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, please call our office during business hours to set up your appointment.

By offering this service, we hope to make ourselves even more available to all of our families during these trying times. 

Thanks to you all!

Dr. Bakerink

Preparing for your Telehealth visit

Before your telehealth visit, click here to check device requirements to ensure your visit does not experience interruptions.

Key points for your device and preparation

  • Confirm the mobile number to the device you will use during your visit, with our scheduler
  • Make sure you are connected to data or WiFi with a strong signal
  • Must be on a device with a camera and a microphone
  • Say yes to the pop-ups access microphone/access video
  • Once you receive a text message with the link, you have 10 minutes to meet your provider in chat
    • *If you miss this 10-minute window, you will have to reschedule for a different time

Default browser requirements: 

iPhone: Safari

Samsung and Android: Chrome