About Us

Wee Care Pediatrics has been a Valued member of the Las Vegas community since 2002. We take pride in remaining a small and personable clinic so that we can create that unique, pleasant family feel that, we believe is important in creating a wonderful experience for you and your child. It is our pleasure and personal goal to put the care of your child as our absolute priority.

Our Providers & staff

We would like to introduce you to the staff and Providers of wee Care Pediatrics.

We take extraordinary pride in our employees, and are proud to say that we select our staff for their compassion, friendliness and dedication to providing only the best care for your children. At Wee Care Pediatrics, our staff are vigilant at maintaining that high level of quality care and kindness that we are so well known for. Our special team approach is reflected in our Core values (developed by our own employees) that, as a practice, is integral to creating a warm and unique experience for all who come through our doors, whether big or small.

Core Values

  1. Show caring through thought, compassion and communication.
  2. Self-motivation and desire creates change.
  3. Build friendships through honesty, respect and kindness.
  4. Faith to do anything.
  5. Create lasting impressions.
  6. Improve yourself daily.
  7. Be creative, adventurous and fun.
  8. We take pride in or teamwork and family spirit.
  9. Always be thankful.

Our Pediatricians and Physician assistants are all highly trained professionals, who are accredited with each of their boards specifically. All of the providers are specialists in the field of Pediatrics from the ages of birth all the way through eighteen years of age. Each provider is mandated to maintain a program of continual education, so that your child will always receive the most up to date and accurate Pediatric care available.