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What you need to know about the Measles vaccine and how to protect your child and family.

It can be scary and confusing with all the information out there relating to the Measles disease and vaccine. We have provided some information below, click here for more information on Measles and the MMR vaccine. If you have questions, please give our office a call. Please remember that Measles is an airborne disease and can stays active in a room for up to 2 hrs after the infected individual has left the room.

As a way to protect and prevent any exposure to the Measles disease, we are asking parents to give us a call before entering the office if your child has a full body rash as pictured below, so a provider can check the rash to ensure it is not measles before entering. This will stop any exposure from occurring. While we don’t expect to see many cases here in Clark County, it is always possible and can never be predicted so we are doing what we can to prepare and protect our patients. 



Teachers Health Trust Updates 2019

Beginning January 1st, 2019 Teachers Health Trust will be using Allegiance for their third party administrator. A TPA is the company that manages and processes the claims for their health insurance. We are hoping this change streamlines claims processing and makes using your insurance much easier when seeing specialists.

We’ve also been notified that Teachers Health Trust will not be reimbursing the full cost of the Gardasil HPV 9 vaccine. This means we can no longer give this vaccine due to the payment shortage. We encourage you to call Teachers Health Trust and voice your concerns. We are saddened by this news because we have started seeing improved vaccination rates for this vaccine. Please let us know if you have any questions about this change.

Lastly, we’ve been notified that the PCP restrictions that we saw last year that made things very difficult to be seen, should not be nearly as stringent this year. We are still looking into this but you should be able to see other providers in our practice that are not selected as your PCP. Give us a call for questions.



Hand washing is the best practice in reducing your chances of getting sick.


Parental Resources

Below are some very informative resources for our parents that cover almost all concerns that a parent might have when it comes to their child and his or her care. Subjects from the latest information and up to date policies, recommendations, recalls, travel and safety information can be found here. Also guidance on growth/development, nutrition, immunizations and breastfeeding, can be found in the links below as well. However always feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns that you might have regarding your child. Our goal is to be readily available to you, the parent, no matter the question or concern.

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