Let’s face it, when our children are sick, we run through the entire past weeks events to try and figure out just where little Tommy or Jane caught that cold or tummy
virus. Knowing what the current “trends” are when it comes to illnesses that are going around is not only helpful but reassuring to know it’s not just your little one who doesn’t feel well. Knowing “What’s Going Around” will help guide your family towards the proper prevention for the illness trends at that time.

For instance, during cold and flu season, it’s the perfect opportunity to teach and practice your family’s hand hygiene with frequent hand washing throughout the day, limit contact to those who may have cough or cold symptoms and ensure each family member has received their seasonal flu vaccine. We will update this section with the current illness related trends so check back periodically for updates. The best medicine is sometimes prevention!  Hand washing is the best way to help prevent many illnesses so do it often and remember, wash for 20 seconds to ensure your hands are thoroughly clean.

What’s going around?  We are seeing these illnesses right now:

Influenza A

Cough and cold symptoms



Last updated: January 2023